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hawkt well, look at that: the palin site that put congresswoman giffords in the crosshairs is down. of all the luck. /
suicidalzebra @Immamoonkin I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that this sort of thing doesn't help: /
nategardner Tasteless.
christyNHC SarahPAC "target" map w/ Giffords seat as a target: /
wrathofkang They've removed Gabrielle #Giffords name from the Sarah Palin "Target" website. Job done, huh? /
katelaity Dear @SarahPalinUSA: For God's sake, have some decency & take bullseyes off your Congressional map: #GabrielleGiffords
sparkorama Palin's target site is already down. Traffic or coverup? / #giffords
cutiepi300 ohman .
dimsumthinking Isn't that a target that Sarah Palin put on the Congresswoman who was shot today. / Looks like a gun sight.
SailingStNick @colin_jones I'm sure it is.
UnOrigMoniker Seriously: Arrest @SarahPalinUSA NOW! She's a TERRORIST: #p2 #tcot #gop #sgp #teaparty #tp #gop
xenijardin / is still live, looks like it's periodically overloaded.
TellDeBatz RT
laflaneuse Gee, wonder why.
tllanes Chickenshit
SusieFierce Interesting.
markbrownwriter Sarah Palin made a "gun-sight map" including now-assassinated Gifford's 8th district. I wonder how Palin feels now.
JoeCoscarelli #oops
AspenDew If won't load, Google it and click "cache" …the "crosshairs" graphic was on front page as of an hour ago.
Fuschia_Goddess @LauraBedrossian Better link: (still learning these Twitter Tricks)
ehs_wildcats Sarah Palin's site that probably incited this bullshit / NICE CROSSHAIR ICON... JUST SAYIN'.
LaurieInQueens @sarahrosehurt I guess they're redesigning it with a "SCORE!!" banner to put next to her name.
TaosJohn Giffords' name is said to be on Palin's "hit list" here ( but not visible here ( Crosshairs are!
threethirty ?
OldMailman This is totally sick! /
MysticPriest @SarahPalinUSA made a "gun-sight map" including now-assassinated Gifford's 8th district: ...conspiracy?
MikeInKansas Web site has crashed. /
katzish In light of Giffords's assassination, this Sarah Palin target list is utterly horrifying / ( @robspill)
bujeeboo Giffords was one of @SarahPalinUSA 's "targets" RT this and MAKE HER ANSWER TO IT!! #p2 #tlot
spanishNY Tea Party RT Flashback: @SarahPalinUSA made a "gun-sight map" including now-assassinated Gifford's 8th dist
Anti_Intellect Flashback: @SarahPalinUSA made a "gun-sight map" including now-assassinated Gifford's 8th district
dasRupa The Sarah Palin website targeting Giffords and other Democrats who supported the health care bill is /
amymackinnon She did: @RonCharles Dear @SarahPalinUSA: For God's sake, have some decency & take bullseyes off your Congressional map:
BrooklynLinda !
kiwioconnor This is shocking.
RJasonCottrell Rep Gifford among the 20 targeted with gunsights by @SarahPalinUSA's map: #p2 #TCOT #news / #rhetoricmatters
colin_jones I'm sure it is.
sanbrunamo Palin launched website with gunsights over 20 congressional dists a few months ago. Giffords' was on that map. /
spanishNY Tea Party!! @sickjew @SarahPalinUSA @SarahPalinUSA made a gun-sight map including Gifford's 8th district: #p2
KTravisBallie @SarahPalinUSA made a "gun-sight map" including now-assassinated Gifford's 8th district: #p2 #tcot
MikeInKansas Sarah Palin's web site still up. /
modeknit Interestingly, Palin's "Take back the 20" website with CROSS HAIR images, is down as of 8 minutes ago.
FatimaDasNeves ooof!
MyMindEraser I mean, sure, and Sarah Palin could have had no connection or influence in what happened. It's possible.
Clarknt67 Rep Gifford among the 20 targeted with gunsights by @SarahPalinUSA's map: #p2 #TCOT #news /
elyssaeast @Kcecelia Since RTed @roncharles's tweet take back the 20 has been taken down
Lara_APN Here is Palin site with crosshairs on Tucson Will anyone be held accountable???
Annagain66 Terrifying site launched Thursday supported by Sarah Palin: /
DownYonderFLA @SarahPalinUSA website cross-hairs on Giffords' district "We've diagnosed the problem...Help us prescribe the solution"
semilshah Sarah Palin's anti-healthcare map uses "targets" /
msoleil_ Bravo. /
ItsMeghanT Disgusting.
rsynnott Ah, Palin's website with the crosshairs over the rep who was shot dead is now showing an nginx error:
atavistian / the Palin site targeting 20 Reps incl Giffords w/ bullseyes for their health care vote, is suddenly offline
ryannewyork Flashback: @SarahPalinUSA made a "gun-sight map" including now-assassinated Gifford's 8th district: #p2 #tcot
1082229 Well done @SarahPalinUSA target signs on your / and now one of them gets shot dead.
gabrielefarinel Take Back the 20:
lauraolin As of just now Sarah Palin's target map (including Rep. Giffords) is still up: /
cog2803 I wonder how the other 19 feel right now. / #congresswomangiffords #lunacy #beashamed
apperceptions Did Sarah Palin encourage targeting of Az congresswoman and others? / snap:
back40feet Sarah Palin had Arizona's 8th district in her "gun sights". / Make popcorn?
noeta Palin website with CROSSHAIRS on Giffords district???/
seanAE @SarahPalinUSA put a gun target symbol on Rep Giffords district before the last election... /
MackReed Goddamnit
reynaldomacias @jasoninthehouse Get off of #twitter. Do something abt this + this + this
TaosJohn Repeating this: Sarah Palin's hit list: (from here: Look at the gunscope crosshairs...
CharlesMRyan One down, nineteen to go I guess.
supertamsf @SarahPalinUSA published a target map w/ CROSSHAIRS, tell me 1 reason she shouldn't be prosecuted for inciting violence?
bujeeboo @GottaLaff Remember this? Giffords was "in the crosshairs"
bryandrenner This won't be up long: Sarah Palin's map of target democrats, with gun crosshairs on Gabrielle Giffords: /
shrikale @KeithOlbermann @maddow @mommapolitico GOP #terrorism | "We've diagnosed the problem... Help us prescribe the solution"
kazooiedog Gabrielle Giffords is Arizona's 8th District Rep. Who put a target on that district? Sarah Palin: /
surlyF NPR reporting that Giffords is dead, as are five others:
djhanks Sarah Palin might want to take down this website now? / #giffords
NWPainter Palins Target Map should be removed from internet. /
ProfAstrid Gifford on Palin's "hit list:" /
hawkt site coming down in 10...9...8...
dogunter US Rep. Giffords shot point-blank in AZ this a.m. Hope someone isn't taking Palin's target map to the extreme.
tallnoe @grammercie “@CatherineBerg: AZ Rep Gabrielle Giffords was on Palin's infamous target map, complete with CROSSHAIRS”
AuntB @grammercie / Look now before SarahPAC gets it down.
treelobsters Palin has a map with gun sights targeting Dem districts. I'm sure no one would take that as an incitement to violence.
bujeeboo I put blame for this shooting SQUARELY on that BITCH @SarahPalinUSA. Giffords' seat was "in the crosshairs"
jeffstrater PAC website continues to have gun target on Gifford's district. Funded by Sarah PAC
bricksoftruth / Palin website with more craziness about "solutions". Yeah, pretty sure her gun toting followers did it now...
rohinnn Sarah Palin's website with literal crosshairs aiming at Rep Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Arizona /
tomfoolery815 @DameLola_ Political rhetoric should not include crosshairs. /
mksteele @otoolefan
lorion NOTE: GIffords was on "PALIN's Target Map'.... we should accuse her as accessory!!! #Palin #maddow #HCR #p2
ATLSquirrel "We've diagnosed the problem…Help us prescribe the solution" / #giffords #shooting @sarahpalinusa
marquesphillips Rep Giffords (AZ), shot at public event, marked with cross hairs on SarahPAC map @SarahPalinUSA please refudiate
patrickdijusto Grab screenshots of the Palin website while it is still up: /
mksteele Hmmm. Interesting.
sewandsox Congrats, @SarahPalinUSA One of your nutjob, brainwashed supporters went and shot a congressperson from your list:
jenconlon Congrats, @SarahPalinUSA One of your nutjob, brainwashed supporters went and shot a congressperson from your list:
WarmGingerTea Gifford on Palin target list here but not on current or cached vrsn website here /
SpinDizzie Keeping Rep. Giffords in our thoughts: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was listed in Sarah Palin's 'Target' site. /
gmskarka So when does the media point out that Palin painted a literal target on Rep. Giffords? /
supertamsf AZ Rep Gabrielle Giffords was on Palin's infamous target map, complete with CROSSHAIRS
powhida This is disgusting. /
poppymom Nothing like putting cross-hairs on people & then having one of them publicly shot. Sickening! #giffords
NeilBhatiya maybe we can kindly ask sarah palin to take the bull's eyes off of this website?
PROTIPZ @DCdebbie More chilling than that pick is this one: /
TaosJohn Sarah Palin's hit list: (from here:
eileenconner Rep Gabrielle Giffords D-AZ shot in Tuscon She was also on the Palin "target map."
Bossman0187 Not jumping to any conclusions about this AZ shooting, but /
allartburns Did Sarah Palin's PAC have a "target" on Giffords? /
robspill For anyone questioning whether or not @SarahPalinUSA used targets in her Take Back the 20 campaign, see here: /
_MelG_ @HUViolet @sistertoldja And the plot thickens...guess what Palin inadvertently has to do with this /
jedstillman “@YesBiscuit: Gabrielle Giffords was on Palin's infamous "target" map:” Here's the map /
cmoneyschill @cnnbrk @SarahPalinUSA launched website a while ago that could have played in motive /
FirstTeamTommy And more --->
AllenVarney Sarah Palin's "Take Back the 20" website has a big crosshair over Gabrielle Gifford's district: /
arconic @Glinner Crap! I hope not, she's on Sarah Palin's 'list' /. No one is 'that' insane though, right?
nelderini Ugh
cmoneyschill @SarahPalinUSA launched website that "targeted" congress members including giffords /
themostbrian Congresswoman Gifford was LITERALLY targeted by Palin during the election. Yes that is a gun sight over her district.
selwynlaw Palin crosshairs on Congresswoman #Giffords house seat
nicholasdewolff Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) shot in head. Targeting recommendations are working...sadly: #twisted
mattsly horrible. AZ Congresswoman Giffords + 11 others shot: she was on Palin's "target" map:
patrickdijusto @mrgunn Maybe Sarah Palin's website w/a gunsight over Gifford's district. You know, little things like that. /
amysuefarmer Sarah Palin put out a gun target map including Congresswoman Gifford's district: / This is dangerous crap!!!!!
RockDots Giffords was one of the "targets" in this Palin-sponsored site: @cspanwj
CorinneAM Well .@SarahPalinUSA are you happy now? This is the solution you prescribed.
selwynlaw Palin crosshairs on Congresswoman @Giffords house seat
swampwoman @tmruppert Giffords was on Palin's "hit list" /
doogles Palin's PAC website using gun-scope imagery and targeting Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford's district. /
PeacefulC We can't incite madness...RT@sickjew @SarahPalinUSA made a gun-sight map including Gifford's 8th district: #p2
gregbrown Passed along without comment: /
slsmith Palin "help us prescribe the solution"... 2nd amend starting w/#Giffords? Sarah's hit list beyond caribou? /
Miami_Chica @jAD0ReQUi The congresswoman who was shot was on Sarah Palin's "hit list"
MidloDem @TheAnchoress Check this out and then state that it's not political. Palin is a dangerous bitch. /
cominer #Giffords was on Palin's gun target map of 20 Dems who were "the problem" /
brittTheGREAT wow
rsynnott I think this website will be disappearing rather quickly:
pvtims "@sickjew: .@SarahPalinUSA made a gun-sight map including Gifford's 8th district: //isn't AZ an open carry st?
dkdpolitics @gottalaff Looking at the bullseye's on Palin's site: / is sickening. As is the tagline.
PolitickItToMe Rep. Giffords is one of the 20 Democrats Palin mapped out with crosshairs /
ashivNC This is sick - / - prayers with Rep Giffords
WarmGingerTea @GottaLaff checked Palin target page and cache of same - Giffords doesn't show either / Anyone have screenshot?
mhcranberry Jesus.
johnpeabody Here's the link to @sarahpalinusa 's "target" website.
westcenter No good wild West. 3) Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was on Palin's "target" map: / USAToday:
robertloerzel Don't know yet if shooting was politically motivated. Palin put a bull's eye on Gifford's district on her target map:
kc0219 “@sickjew: @SarahPalinUSA made a gun-sight map including Gifford's 8th district: #p2”
zachflauaus Crosshairs. Classy.
mcconaghy What map you say? This one / ... Complete with her signature of approval
mmmirele hell, not hot enough yet for the creeps at SarahPAC who put up map with target on Cong Giffords district bite me sarah
JeedBe Sarah Palin's target map - Take Back the 20 -
ginpeck @rachbarnhart Giffords was one of the gun targets in Sarah Palin's map. /
mscottforbes Giffords is one of 20 Reps. on Sarah Palin's "target" list, shown here with a crosshairs drawn over her district:
maple_apple_bee #Really ? //@pari_passu
bengardnernyc See how @SarahPalinUSA encouraged violence by putting a bullseye on Giffords' district... / ...Revolting.
JustMere RT@sickjew @SarahPalinUSA made a gun-sight map including Gifford's 8th district: #p2 /Holy Crap.This is no good
sickjew .@SarahPalinUSA made a gun-sight map including Gifford's 8th district: #p2
surlyF Giffords is one of the representatives that Sarah Palin "targeted" in extraordinarily bad taste:
foggybrume US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at a rally today. She was one of the reps targeted on / map
ianhoch Here's Palin's target map from 2009. What assholes. / #tcot