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Sunrayfr \o/
PrachiDeshpande great :) Letter to Google Santa
fryed7 Ingenius use of robots.txt
RicDragon Good chuckle for SEOs
lakey He literally did as well!
nsudhaa Cool!!RT: @rustybrick
jmorell RT: : @SharkSEO :P Need to add moar <-- Haha, AwSEOme!
SorbetDigital Wonderful
Devaki_Phatak nice one :) RT
mmhemani LMFAO! i simply love this one!
appleseedexm And I would sign it
AlCarlton : <- very cool & clever
MarkAJohnstone Love it!
matt_seo Awesome
benbowler Really creative robots.txt ->
samuelcrocker Awesome.
thetafferboy win RT: : @SharkSEO I decided to change mine
Genniekmi I decided to change mine
rishil @SharkSEO I decided to change mine
alessiosbrana LOL
rhcerff RT: : @SharkSEO :P Need to add moar (classic! - seriously a Dalek :)
rishil @SharkSEO :P Need to add moar