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16466 days ago

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blizzack44 #classicnflfans whats next Boo santa?!
JT_RD Unforgivable, get better Cass
Whitewidowed You can't really be surprised can you?
Still_Dre Well said by him
BrettWilliams "This is not the Roman Coliseum." #CHIEFS
aMonroeDoctrine Awesome
bernie_is_it @digaholesteve smh chiefs fans
midevenings Wow!! @heydola
Chriso_Vuojarvi Word.
rtmalone Big kudos to this guy //
mollyhulsey 100% agree.
HueyPercy Extremely well said. It is sick.
lenbannister Didn’t see injury, but if fans cheered, shame on them.
btoporek Fans cheered their QB getting hurt? Oy.
JBBauersfeld Awesome.
BigDKey19 Good for him.
zgorin Wow
sjjacoby47 Eric is right. #embarrassing #chiefs
laurabrevitz Unbelievable. Abysmal "fans."
keydidit Strong, true words from him
JJfromKansas Awesome statement by Chiefs
FantasyInjury Reminder: athletes are PEOPLE, not stats.
SpreadsheetMike Guy is 100% right. Never cheer an injury
StephStradley All of this yes
TedGlassKC Strong words. Right words
xx_DoubleD_xx Fuck Eric Winston & Matt Cassel #Chiefs
BenNanceRadio Well done Eric —>
Greevz52 Pretty good by that guy
guranimo Good for him!
annann_9 Shame on anyone who cheer for injuries.
dougrotman wow. Very well said.
IWCorriher Bravo. Fans are often the worst.
HubbuchNYP Bravo, Eric Winston. Bravo.
JimMorris_AL Must read for all fans
jaimehelm Amen brotha
swshep5 Amen
technosailor Damn. Someone needed to say it
JJPetter Good for him
JeffGold81 This
reesecollins518 honestly…i disagree. oh well.
jcribbs16fan WELL SAID #NFL
Seejepp Well said!
TrentonJocz Winston is awesome. Great quotes here.
jeffplatt KC fans = embarrassment to NFL
backseatfan That's a man
NickBromberg Um, they didn't cheer, Adam.
ChrisInJoplin Had been waiting for this.
Aerys_NFL Wow.
LilMissNYJet Awesomeness
DTGoteraKHOU Awesome stuff
MentionME Fuck him "@cdotharrison
getnickwright Read the whole quote!
RyleeInKC >