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16467 days ago

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kaylaisnotatree republicans
Allan_Iceberg Im calling bullshit on this @squirttle10
triitraa Makes sense... Idiots
WhatupBiotch Duh!
Saressaa Duh
ssutphin #lolz
KumarVimal How these ppl having wings feeling about
CallDaPaparazzi Not surprising
MikeMaynes No shit!
Smit_Meister Well this explains BJP »»
JohnnyAI No s**t lol. ~>
JoeyCanty See
robertoevans Interesting thought, though not surprising
paulhina Can't be.
fit4Him As do racist, left wingers.
BenDarling_ Sounds about right
niharshahonline Scientific proof
JoMcNAb @super_dunc
Friday94 YOU DON'T SAY. >
Lovely_Laa Hmmmm, not surprised... AT ALL!
aberkitten #LMFAO
NoAgendaNation What about racist limosine liberals?
tobyornot_ Lefty propaganda lol “@Glinner: WHAAAAT?
ClintLikesBeer Although I agree, sounds like @UberOpinion
HeidiVose Really??
ang_nikoll Duh! Lol
gsastry @KBistheshit uh oh.....
jarcdleto are they just figuring this out
its_undeNAIable No shit.
nstorey574 Hmmmm @Chief_Dixon
LilJimStyle "@Glinner: WHAAAAT?
PetersonBlair I thought that was pretty obvious already
_mallorymiller @BrOhioState1 lolz
MsDeuceMommy Not surprising. Open your mind. Learn.
bizmusik Lol
fernz_ You don't sayyyy.
ayouti In Egypt, they're the Abu Ismail cult
TomGriffiths007 No shit
belindawebb “@Glinner: WHAAAAT?
Tope_HoMegas Knew it!
KaylaRamel Who'd have guessed that? *raises hand*
SilverAce_ How unsurprising!!!
jazymusic Tell me something I don't know.
_EmilyRoss_ Obviously.
mary_jacobson This made me laugh. :)
ViolinPyotr69 @ShanePlassentha WE WERE RIGHT!!
dyahwie Cc: mbah @sudjiwotedjo
mariahlasha ......
R0B3RTTT Ya don't say? #noshit
solamiga No surprises re racists: @Glinner WHAAAAT?
TheIndyKid You don't say??
JawaVinnie Meamwhile Leftwing racists r in academia
kaleido_scope_ Shocking!
JazzyyyB Well, I mean, it makes since!
Glinner WHAAAAT?
pee_elle water is wet, sky is blue, etc
S0nShyne Serves em right. That's pure ignorance
HinaAhmed_xo Shocker.
DrewdyKnowsBest What about racist left wing liberals?
Boiki_Lekay No surprise there!
ChrusAura Cc @Muntjuz
LostBlonde lolololol
JoshThaSpaceman But we r better looking & better in bed
SpectacuNATE Amurrrica
osbochelle Hear that red neck republicans?
ryannicolee Lolololol daaamn str8
niallthomas Bit harsh to call RW Tories Racist..?