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16464 days ago

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rallygrrrl_Em Well said
vickoboynyc ) //
Krista2theMax <3 Progress. I think we are getting somewhere.
bhatnagarC Moving us #Forward @OFA_VA
ohSYD Wahoo!!!
melshaw001 go the prez. eat that, intolerant bigots.
omerimoses #equal #proud #iheartobama
alankerlin We should all read this, inc @JuliaGillard
lindseyrivera Thank you for supporting equality
Savey18 Progress in the States!
CheekyBaby_ Our President made another mark on history.
LoveThoseTiges @WithTimFerguson Pres.O #ISupportSameSexMarriage
LoveThoseTiges @flipsimmons
LoveThoseTiges @JuliaGillard
joshubrown What rock was I living under all day? This is #awesome!
getmeatowel this email is my new boyfriend. deal with it.
taniagoico This is what leadership looks like
LGsMom Good job, Mr President!!!
CalvinLimuel13 Sadly
Scharen Yes!
AdaraNey Worth a read
Jess2673 Stand Up!
wendycarmen Finally. Atta boy Mr. President
SmorgasBorgnine There it is--->
bobertAH09 FI-NUH-LLY. #GayRightsAreHumanRights
skipshoe Props to President Obama - for taking a stand even when it was NOT politically expedient.
ararinhah This brought tears to my eyes #ProudOfMyPrez
TheSportsFreak #Vote1Obama
7create I am thankful for this beautiful day.
RufinoHilario Man&Woman but still the Economy Stupid!
bett3r #LGBT #Equality
lawyergaga Bravo, sir! (Expect LOTS of wedding invites!)
tamera .@TOMayorFord what say you? Pride or cottage?
_bluebells Now if only our own Aus parties would wisen up.
Phahita This.
zizwe I have it in my inbox ☺ #Obama2012
tamera Powerful. Truth. Read it.
kstepinski #equality
BostonCookie <3
BluestMuse Thank you!
MissOceania #FORWARD #loveislove
artfly it's never too late to start making sense.
fbess Delighting in his boldness. This will be etched in books.
chele_sews *applause*
libookperson Beautifully said.
HotchSkye Direct to my inbox pls ..i wish !
Lippyliz25 Stand up with Obama & add ur name!!
shelleyrogers Love this man. #NOH8 #equality
rowly_emmett Hope @juliagillard follows. Human rights more important than politics
AlohaSD So proud of my prezzie of the united stezzie.
beckydavis32 Email I enjoyed opening
CreativeWolf *chuckle*
mrfonzarelli !!!!!!
neworleansgurl THIS is the Obama I voted for.
mchiloq2 I am do proud of out Prez!
domdomstewart Thank you, Mr President.
iinsitin I respect you,sir :)
nur_ds Applauding Mr. President! Equality for all ..
MeredithStebbin Finaly
ThePantau One word: "Exploitation."
WhooterMav Thank you, Mr. President.
AlyG3 Finally, Mr. President. Well said.
P_KIC_KNOWLEDGE Election year counts
sjnby Eloquence & intelligence on display
LeraAndrea @TamaraAdrian
rlaforest ...
rodneycruise Waiting for @KRUDDPM to follow suit @Jess_Rudd
sylvestrie Excellent... And so on point. Thank you.
misslibbydale A wonderful day!!
danajonson I would prefer federal action but its a step
sarahburnett2 Well said, Mr. President #NOH8
SetMeFreeBabe Proud day of our Prez
brittanywaltz Couldn't agree more.
meannie +1
mustiwrite Born to be brave. Bless you Barack!
justbeingandrew Just got it! #powerful
kategoldwater I loved this email, Mr. President
cruddytoast This is MY president.
MNathanson Bravo, Mr. President. Mr Harper...?
cucumberjuice Worded well, eloquent>
alinesharon nice work Mr. President!
onSCreenvideo Dark day. But you're awesome at your regular job.
rondijoy agreed.
tabithagayle Stand up with the president #lgbt
_DUKES I thought u was the only one @juhneda? Hurd.
jjasras Great email
MaluBVargas Please Americans,stand up with your president.
NEWSalineALTHS Good call.
kamaria_jasmine Love this
senjamin Glorious day!
KerryPosh Just got the email! #Obama2012
marianicole91 eu recebi! '
ObaOxum Love it!
drmirror Obama dreht auf
oblita5 Sorry again. Actually, no, I'm not.
missaleksia This is officially not the worst.
fevzimusa Well put. Separate Law and Religion. Perfect!
DMorgan32 I respect this #gutsy ----->
Sunshineliron Starred it. Saved it. History in the making.
ben_wagner This
JMStickley Couldn't be prouder of my president today!
Nicksy Just incase you hadnt heard - here you go x