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16467 days ago

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tourriol Amazing.
nyaliss Damn this is GOOD!
snjacobs Love this
Wikisteff It's the Disco Inferno reference what makes it win.
mikengaye “@bobbyllew
JimmyReefercake Another reason to love Uncle Stevie.
amynstones Great article
RampantRichie Fantastic Article
zangers2010 brilliant article
7lusus4 Strong but frank language
eldahshan Newfound respect for King!
londonstatto He should write a cheque.
tim_weber Best tax article!
HappyC Amen!
jennmaitland *Write on* Mr. King!!!
hprw Fab.
Mr_Shokar Read it!
p_raph Luvthis: @ebertchicago
mikeolenick I <3 SK!
TheChrisPaduan Ah, Yankee directness. I miss New England sometimes.
kiltmonkey King summons the taxman, gladly.
tbutson Tax me for f@%&'s sake
aditgauchan Thanks geoff. Fiery!
TylerJohnBruns #ICYMI
Ysastep What a great read
JamieLDodd Makes sense to me
shacklett Yes. Gods yes.
basil3rd Patriot
_ChuckE Holy crap i love stephen king @bain
Hope_Springs Powerful and pointed.
dhanzich Great points.-->
Omaniman Great article!
tanguerapdx Meets my standards of rant connoisseurship.
BelleofLiberty Lol stephen king nails it
caecilius01 King lays the smack down
Happy_Belmore Glad I didn't miss this!
tcastonsmith Love it!
TheIllegit Fiction writer writes fiction
davidcard Whoulda thunk?