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16465 days ago

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CJB_11 Crazy!
JaysonAlgate Strong black man gets rid of Boston.
wayne_chow Good example of how the internet is NOT the deliverance so many like to believe it to be
ofwgfurrburgers talk about unclassy!
HockeyTroll Stay classy #Bruins fans
irvlau Bruins fans take to twitter to call Joel Ward the N-word.
Kash_Shaikh Pathetic ignorance.
mortonie Wow. Stay classy, Boston.
b_WEST #racists ...
aberner93 Terrible
0JlovedNicole Wow. I have no words. Boston should be ashamed.
remithemaxtwtr @czabe BREAKING TREND
dlo_1988 Ignorant fucks on the interwebs.
DCmonroe Predictable
ahluman Boston, the liberal capital of America
KineticFriction #Unbelievable
JPMcEvenue Stay classy Boston. #WOW #Its2012
dreyesceron Wow, this disgusts me.
J_everydey “@PJAlex
hashtaP Some nice people are from boston, but thats a few people.
brandirahill Horrific..
vpeacesignv Holy shit RT@DennisPang Wow. There's no place for this
remithemaxtwtr @benmaller BREAKING TREND
JordanMrvos You stay classy, Boston.
JanineHudsonBC Disgusting!!!
DGilmour24 WOW! I have no words for this one
jackieepatton stay classy #boston #bruins fans.
MarketFresh those asses need 2 be put in their place
HistoryWilBMade And my multicultural class wanna pretend this isn't reality...
richrunn Bad apples spoil...
andres_RW US loves racism
gooner424 Boston people.
DilaraLit wow people suck RT“@TravisSBN
MichelleLKent that is wrong is this 1950?
meganistkrieg Stay classy!
SamVan11 Racist fucks. Glad Bruins are out.
iamjakegreen So disgusting!!
YAKouadjo Shameful. They deserved to lose.
dpasamonte the comments are absurd. wtf?
ShawnRyanTV Ah, yes. Boston.
Marlicious_xo Just ask Tim Thomas!
AngeliqueGiles Sick
Cori_Leah Ironic, 1st minority in NHL played for #Bruins
ChrisPitchforth wtf.
ohhh_mai And Vancouver has the worst fans? Disgusting
Deb_I_am some truly Disgusting bruins fans
steveburgess1 Stay classy, Boston
dharker1992 That's despicable //
jhawrishok Absolutely disgusting.
vivianmtl Reminds me of abuse Anson Carter got in Russia
TrustdDisgustd Disgraceful. Doesn't rep hockey fans, just Boston
SteffanNuytten_ #Celtics "white power" didn't help you Bruins fans...
cwansong This is just... wow.
arminhabibi Boston fans living up to racist stereotype.
tellytelly Oh my god.
lexalacroix Good to see the best of Bruins fans 2night
MaverickGH #Boston #Bruins fans are pretty classy. Which is worse? Riots or racism? #Vancouver
OakBayBoy We have a lot of work to do.
david_caddock When the world can see you think don't have awful thoughts
vargus21 Welcome to Boston
busblog Masshole used to be a term of endearment - until now
psr179 “@a_picazo: Wowww
AngryJazzFan "@a_picazo: Wowww
Crstine3 Wow. #NHL
gadhri Wow, very classy...
a_picazo Wowww
gypccy What a bunch of honkey ass dip shits!
brennancreative Wow...the ignorance.
toshpointbro smh bawstan
Jon_Spratt Wow. That is seriously disgusting.
cherylchan Shocking, ignorant
journalschism Guess there were no showings of 'The Hunger Games'? ||
AmyErnano So ugly :(
DArm91 But we're in a post-racial era
DarthTacos W. T. F. Who the hell are these people?
TheRyanEgan Those people are vile.
Peter_4739 #haters
thisisshelleyb few dont speak 4all;gr8 series; 1 team had2 lose
stuwhitey People are fucked.
Darth_Jay Going to bed incredibly upset
Enrico_Palazzo_ In case you didn't think boston was the most racist city
TheTomShannon woooow that's messed up
PoeticChris Another reason to hate Boston. Smh.
HabsHysteria @AnthonyCumia you like hockey?
lillypad456 Didn't know this was the 1963 Stanley Cup. Wow.
PensRyourDaddy Jesus. 7th down can't even get their slurs right
mottsThoughts Fans of team with no class have no class?
Nate_Paul_ Whoa...
BobleChef Dans quel monde on vie?
womackgirl Taking your advice. Not even going to click on it.
BSURadioJim wow
thesamdakota Stay classy, Boston.
PitchforkTorchz Smh!
chuchu33 Wow. Read the 1st 3 & thats it. Gross
n8brophy Disgusting humans
Bill_Neville You spelled FUCKING HELL wrong, but wow. |
fuzzybritches It's Boston, what do you expect?
BarnYard_63 Everyone needs to destroy every Twitter handle here. Right now.
PhilthyD Dude seriously...
snowgurl I don't even know what to say about this.
BNicoleHarris @MrCocoMarsh @calnan22
MattHarris22 Sad, since O'Ree broke NHL color barrier for Boston
JOAT_Handyman Boston 'fans' #Shame
Timothy_Bowen Ugh, that's disgusting
DennisPang Wow. There is no place for this.
donnypeters55 Stay classy #Bruins fans..pretty pathetic
bobmackin Boston's shame.
RAKohn22 Wow this is horrible
JustinHards More proof that people in general are awful.
jizosh wow. #bruins “@HockeyChick_: Brutal. Stay classy #Bruins fans.
amandaajadee_ Holy shit.
KyeGrace @GingerEarle @GaryBH24 wow is all
LisaRupes Stay classy, Bruins fans!
bstouttt Bostonians are racist fucks.
JohnReidyDenver Ugly
crazyindapeg Don't love this dirty water Boston->
BelieveinSeason Lol damn crackers...
BruisedCashew slow claps- Stay classy, #Bruins fans.
Sedna90377 racist Bruins fans :(
RD_Tennistalk Fuck the Bruins and their fans. God Bless Joel Ward. #NonTennis
CDent2924 Wow. Classic act those #Bruins fans
cherylhardisty Outrageous!
stuffedgobble eww
HockeyChick_ Brutal. Stay classy #Bruins fans.
mrherson Everyone pick an asshole & ask them what the fuck?
dylan_redekop Why I'd NEVER watch hockey.
Niiteiko Bruin fans showing Boston's rep as most racist city is well earned
ckelley Wow. Absolute trash.
jerry_wilson7 See, Boston? This is why you can't have nice things.
quiethaylestorm Not surprised. #racismisaliveandwell
ericwilcox27 Speechless...and that doesn't happen often.
KevinInABQ @TPBderek @TPBadam BruinFan Racist Meltdown.
CCUinMTL Wow. Stay classy boston
exileinleafland Surprise, bruins fans are classless!
SMPatchett #Boston!
Matt_bau Lol wow, this is ridiculous
Slipknottin I moved away from the South to get away from this
gabbyyxo_ Twitter sucks.
timmabrown I thought only Southerners were racist? #morons
T4Alex Another example of why Boston sucks!
KevinInABQ Boston schools may have integrated, but The City didn't.
BishRadio Twitter has a very ugly side that we often forget.
LaDiavolina disgraceful!
LynsieLee Stay classy, racists
VPIMikhalis27 What the hell is wrong with people!
habsromance Good God that's awful.
ginalou I love my hometown but enough is enough w/ this shit.
KamilKaramali This is absolutely disgusting.
sportsheilman Agreed. Just disgusting
DixonTam Why are people surprised?
TheMediator_084 Horrifying.
mrslikewhoa holy racist idiots. "@TravisSBN
WolfmanJake66 *Sigh*
xRo5han “@Ecozens
dcmadness202 Unreal
FunkynFortunate Seriously stupid people.
scottyw1978 Glad I live in Canada
GlenJM Bruins fans... classy as usual.
pritpaulbains You stay classy, Boston
Arevill Well this is pretty ugly.
zthomae Did @Buzzfeed get scooped?
my2bitz Absolutely disgusting
joshlewis306 People referenced here: Microwave yourselves
NotoriousWojo Bruins fans at their very best....I mean worst
timattoLINo This is the worst. Worse than rioting.
nsis88 Wow, this makes not even wanna respect hockey anymore. smh
8caps74 Fucking rude
MissBroadStreet @jmndrms I guess this was bound to happen
brandon_felder People are stupid. Classless
Nate_E_man “@steakNstiffarms: Disgusting.
stephaniekays Ugh :(
kump Real classy #bruinsfans this is just sad
pauline530 WTF?! Are those tweets for real?
mikegardner1828 O my, this is disgusting.
mattlee61 Once again, the "real" Bruins fans show.
ethanrothstein Holy sh**
tommytoedrag I am sooooooooo happy my brother and his boys are not these kind of #Bruins fans.
iskeets0ysauce AWFUL!
CapsHockey18 Boston is a fucking disgrace
dharker1992 This is what I'm referring to. Ugh.
christopher135G “@TravisSBN
heybelinda Stay classy, Boston!
iananywhere Uncool, Boston.
K_Turner15 You stay classy boston.
frickindannie What the fuck.
MxTito What. The. Fuck?
CopperandBlue #Bruins #Caps
CCUinMTL Stay classy...
CliffyD #BuckFoston
ToryLaPrath See this Shit? @hosienation
OhhSuzannah SMH
stevelyb @ShawnKing Revel at this disgusting display of humanity, Shawn.
Mike_Habs Nothing but class here. #notfans
MrManiacMagee SMFH.
Ryan_Comerford Bruin fans being Bruin fans! And we're hated?
71Tooch Oh, they mad
dbekar81 Wow!
jbobby724 I'm shocked and horrified
jkfecke Stay classy Boston.
Devsfan55 Wow. Just wow
undrtkrscotty Ridiculous , this is 2012 .
derdrache Disgusting.
CanuckThoughts Stay classy, Bruins fans.
lafranceamelie Classy Boston...
BenCox83 woah
AndrewBucholtz Holy crap.
KCeronUnited People make me sick...
Captain_Head What is wrong with people
FStreetTate Disgusting
QJR3 wiffle roffle
sansceriph wow, this is disgusting.
gogolism Making Willie O'Ree proud!
Halfpizzle Ill murder them all
Tudor_CT Wow. It's 2012. Sometimes people just suck
J_dizzle_caps OMG…...