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16464 days ago

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dm1299 2 my TT Band buddies: always knew U were Xceptional
crowegb8 mondocongo
lucioj Aí zim @PY4PG
FaheemMeer Ahh, the irony of the concord error!
UnDead_Ed Singers out there can suck it!
moliv877 Guess i need to play 100 instrument
PenSuck87 So i play 10...
dirkuijt @Bandbreakfast
theartconcert That's why I play. Lol.
tujijia Amin.. Kalo 3 isntrumen,15 poin kah?
briansablan #FuckYea
basssax THAT explains it...
ouparazzi Rt“@Fentselite
oosulley I believe it.
factsaday !!!!!!!
lrayner Truth.
flyawaycloud_ 
NotsoBen And I play like 3 of em... +15!!!
Walt_Tumushiime Piano classes, here I come :D
Lugerk @MOSantos16
AnnaKatherineC I play the saxophone. I knew it counted 4 something
coolhiruni Awwwww... :D |
DavidEFinol No wonder Ozzie was on vocals