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16467 days ago

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MisterAch Seed time and harvest...
enriqueyuson Ya think?
MikelApproves Trolololol
marinellils lol
ybacod HA!
bshizo The irony *smh*
EReneeJ MESSAGE!!!!!
dembul06 Such an irony!
iKsMe Ironic to the max
thegrimaldy See?
bilalsalim @Tobaccolndustry
direpoetics Check.
ratakoolta Esto si es ironía
alokmn That is hard htting stuff!
AlokSoni @my_slr
SelkieLikesIt My point.
Marco_gorilla Moral of story?
jillenerox oh, the irony!!!!
BUde_icia In death they advertise why NOT to smoke!
blhart4fam This is very interesting!
MarkeshiaRicks Put the cancer sticks down.
119jess Huh, coincidence I guess.
adhidharma How ironic. @anggra_ito
vdubjer What about Kramer?
dougreenberg Smoking kills.
kalyn_aja IRONI *bold*
twilson1920 Messsssage!
JberJber Nah.
dimasagungrov Hmmm...
Akhonaloving Irony.
apoloscopio Where is my Marlboro man? :(
Ricardao82 Coincidência?
sunrider31124 The irony, right @lauraemacdonald
marinjimenezp (
theisza1 D'uh